Monday, May 10, 2010


One thing with photography that really gets under my skin is when people complain about photographers using Photoshop.

Honestly, I've never met or seen someone's work in this day and age who doesn't use some form of photo editing.

I'm part of a forum and one of the topics was being allowed to use Photoshop in a weekly photo contest we have on the forum.

Here are a few statements I made, followed by an ignorant opinion (sorry, but it is) about photography and Photoshop. Both of which this person knows NOTHING about.

Me:I may be in the minority with this opinion, but I don't understand how photoshopping a picture somehow negates camera skills.

I think there is a point of taking editing too far, but I think a lot of people are under the impression that a crappy picture can be made magnificent with Photoshop. I disagree. I use Photoshop to make good pictures even better. Not to cover up shoddy camera skills.

Her:A shot that needs photoshop editing isn't a quality shot.

If a photo needs some photoshop to give it that extra POP, you're doing something wrong.

Me:I guess tell that to every professional photographer then, because every photographer I've ever met or talked to about their work edits their photos.

Her:There are PLENTY of professionals who refuse to digitally enhance their work, believing it takes away from a photo's integrity. I do not have any respect for a photographer who does photoshop.

Me:Agree to disagree then, because I've yet to meet someone who doesn't. I personally find it unprofessional if you don't.

I just can't believe some people. Especially people who don't even take pictures!